Monday, December 08, 2008

Tag - you're it

Calling all declutterers, especially if you participated in the August Declutter Challenge

Diana and I have decided to tag you to participate in the Friday Declutter Challenge THIS Friday 12 December.

I'm tagging three people and asking them to each tag 3 of their friends:

Marcia (the crafty one)

Let's start the movement again :)

So tell me, which is the area in your house that gets cluttered the quickest.

Mine is my bedside table because of all the books - I'm actually busy decluttering it now so I'll post pics next week.


Anne Alagna said...

Oh Boy! I wanna play! QUICK! Someone tag me! =D

HDMac said...

Oh... boy! I had better get to planning! GREAT idea!!!!!!! :)

forgetfulone said...

TAG! Everyone else is it! Including us.

Ria's Collectables said...

OK, I am late but I finally got it done.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!