Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's about time I sorted the maternity clothes

seeing as the babies are 7 weeks old today :)
This is my shelf with all the clothes that could fit me while I was pregnant - I actually only bought the following maternity clothes - 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs casual pants, 2 pairs work pants. That's it!

this is the whole cupboard...before

returned one pair of pants never worn, washed and put away borrowed clothes and reorganised since it's nearly spring here
that shelf now has short-sleeved t-shirts on the left and jeans & pants on the right

here is the full cupboard view - after

Makes me feel much better knowing everything is in order once again!
When was the last time you reorganised your clothes?

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Share your favourite tip for organising the fridge

A reader, Vickie, sent me her favourite tip and I thought it would be fun if we all shared ours.

Are you game?

Of course, my favourite tip is to label the shelves in my fridge as in the picture above.
Here's Vickie's tip...

I thought that I would tell you one of my favorite organizing tricks:
I use a clear shoebox in the refrigerator for making quick lunches. My family loves it because you can take the whole box out and make a sandwich. We put the cheese, lunchmeat, tomato, onion, lettuce in the box. All we look for is the salad dressing. It saves time.
Thought you would enjoy this.
Yes, I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing, Vickie.
Now let's hear from the rest of you.

What's your favourite fridge organising tip?

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I declutter because I'm cheap

When we first moved into this house nearly 4 years ago, I didn't realise how little storage space I had.

It seems the previous house had oodles and oodles of nooks and crannies that I just didn't appreciate until I moved here.

I had such a lot of stuff and I really thought I needed some additional built-in kitchen cabinets until I got some quotes.

And just couldn't justify spending thousands of rands to store STUFF.

So I decluttered all my kitchen stuff until I made it fit.

(that may have been the start of my decluttering frenzy)

And we've been happily living in that kitchen ever since.

Cut to a few months ago.

I realised that babies come with kitchen stuff too. A pregnant friend told me that she was having additional kitchen cabinets built and I swear those old tendencies came to the fore and I seriously considered getting some built for us too.

It's easy to justify until you think about all the other stuff you still need to get for the babies.

And so I thought - I've done it once; I can do it again.

So I did.

I decluttered half a shelf so that the baby bottles, etc. can fit in between all our lunch stuff.

I'll have to do a bit more decluttering soon because those bottles have multiplied.

Why do you declutter? What have you done differently because of being "frugal"?

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Save money - don't assume bigger is necessarily cheaper

I was at a store the other day buying formula for the babies when I saw this:

The small tin (400g) costs R46 and the big tin (900g) costs R152,90. I couldn't believe it!

The big tin should cost in the region of R103,50 or even less. A lot of people would assume that the bigger one is cheaper (I threw big tins into my trolley before I started thinking) but first do your sums and make sure you're getting a good deal!

There you go - trying to save you money :)

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