Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The smallest bathroom in the world

A few months back in one of my mailings I told you I would blog pictures of the smallest bathroom in the world.

Well, here it is, my en-suite bathroom: From the front - the shower is to the right.

See how I use my wall space well...

And this view is from the top... in the corner, is a set of stackable green baskets - I use the top one for my make-up, the middle one for less-often used things, and the bottom one fits 3 spare toilet rolls very nicely

Of course, to balance this minute bathroom, for my main (guest) bathroom, we have one of the biggest bathrooms I've seen.

Only in Kensington!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Holiday Survival Guide

Hi all

Kimberly Fulcher just sent out a free e-book called Holiday Survival Guide. That ties in nicely with 3 of our challenges this month, so here is the link.

You can download it here.

Enjoy and have an organised week.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nov 2006 - organising challenges

Christmas is just 6 weeks away so we have 2 Christmas challenges this month.

Week 1 – Start the Christmas cards
Make a list of people who you're sending Christmas cards to this year.

Buy enough packs of cards, divide the number by 4 (to ensure that you have them all ready by the beginning of December) and start writing some out every evening.

Tip You can also do a conveyer belt - one person writes the card, one does the envelope and the next one does the stamps.

Week 2 – Organise your guest room
You are going to make sure you have fresh sheets on the bed, that you have spare towels and guest toiletries and most of all, some space for your guests to put their clothes. I'm guessing that you'll have to do some decluttering too.

Most of us use our spare rooms as extra storage space so now is a good time to get rid of all the old things you're keeping there.

If you get this out of the way now, you don't have to go running around at the last minute if you have people to stay over Christmas or New Year.

Even if you're not having any guests, use this time and still declutter and organise the space, especially if you use the room for sewing or other crafts.

Week 3 – Make a list of gifts to make or buy.
Remember the special people in your life with a gift. Decide if you're making any or just buying. If you are buying, make a budget and stick to it. Remember to add in gift wrap and ribbon!Remember it is not worth going into debt buying gifts. It truly is the thought that counts

Buy plain rolls of coloured kraft wrap and gold or silver ribbon for a cheaper alternative. Try to give gifts that can be used so that recipients aren't faced with more clutter. If you google clutter-free gifts you will get plenty of ideas. There are also some great gift ideas at

Week 4 – Declutter tablecloths and placemats

Go through all the tablecloths to see which are stained, ugly or just don't bring you joy.

Remember, anything you don't love should go. When you buy new stuff, get in the habit of throwing something out or donating to someone. The old one in-one out principle.

The same goes for placemats. Last weekend I went through my sideboard drawer and found placemats that suited my previous house but not this one (country cottage vs more modern), so I gave them to my helper.

Have fun with this one and if you're really good, you'll have the space so that if you see something you absolutely have to have, you can reward yourself!