Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday - Recipes and the fridge

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

After I commented over on Laura’s post, I realised that I hadn’t sorted through my recipe file box and my household organising file for probably a year.

I am usually very good about throwing away paper so there's not very much to start with but it was still irritating me so I had to get stuck in.

I also stick recipes up so I'll have them handy to try out. Like this...

Above the recipe box, I used to keep my menu plans and other stuff because my fridge was so full.

This is my recipe "box" that I keep next to the microwave. A limited space forces me to declutter if things get out of hand.



And then here's my fridge, with a million and one fridge magnets, old photos, lists of this and that (like the 10 best feel-good songs ever, courtesy of my husband LOL), generally, a mess.



Here is all the paper I decluttered from the mug section, fridge, recipe books and side cupboard.

And this is what I did with all the loose recipes - I stuck them on an A4 page before putting them in a flipfile.


Jodi said...

Great tackle! I too have recipes I clip everywhere! I need to get them written down in my books, to decluter.

Have a great Tuesday!

kelleigh said...

You've done a great job - I'm inspired to do something about my fridge door now. I collect tourist fridge magnets (daggy I admit, lol!)
Have a great week!

Celeste said...

Good job!Recipes can sometimes get out of hand. I have a paper problem too.

devildogwife said...

Great job on the tackle. The fridge looks great!!

Karen said...

That looks great! Sometimes I have to clear the fridge of all the papers that somehow find their way on the front too!

Barbara H. said...

Everything looks great! It is amazing how fast paper clutter can pile up.

Jennifer said...

Great tackle job! I really need to tackle my recipes too - they're not on my fridge, but in several other places! I need to quit collecting until I get it under control!

Jen said...

thanks for visiting my blog
well done i like the look of your blog

Nancy said...

Beautiful job! I am inspired to work on my recipes, too.

Marcia said...

Hey everyone

Thanks for visiting. I'm trying to get to all your blogs too - just have some website maintenance to do first this week ;)

org junkie said...

Wow you've been busy. I love the container you have beside your microwave for your cookbooks!


Anonymous said...

what do you do to organize stiff bound books containing photocopied recipes? i get lost in all those books searching for the recipes i want .