Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday - organising giftwrap & bedside table

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I usually do my tackles on the weekend since I’m at work during the week. This is one of the systems that keeps me on track since I’m constantly doing something in the decluttering/ organising area to keep my house in tip-top shape. Well…mostly.

This weekend I was drugged out on Nurofen so I only did a couple of small tackles. They are what we in the coaching world call tolerations. They drain your energy a little bit every time you see them. So I felt almost compelled to tackle them this week because they call to me everytime I pass them.

Mini tackle 1
These are my rolls of wrapping paper and some other bits that also found their way to this spot.

After - nice, neat wastepaper basket

Mini tackle 2
Bedside table with too many books, too many Bibles, too many bookmarks, notepads, etc.


And after. I know it won’t stay this way for very long but it’s satisfying while it lasts.

Mini tackle 3

And then for the third project, I tackled some long-overdue blogging. This is a blog we made for our friends and then I also had to update the ministry blog at church.

Mini tackle 4

And last but not least, I got all up to date on my end-of-month business tasks like balancing the account, updating client lists, responding to emails, and so on. I won’t bore you with the less-than-cool aspects.

That’s it for this week. I’m leaving the handbags for next week.


Brave Heart said...

well done: women always r orginzed
i think i need course for 10 years to organize myself.

Marcia said...

Hi Brave Heart

Thanks for visiting my blog. You are my first male commenter EVER!!!


Esther said...

I love the organizing blog you have over here!! I'm a FLYLady fan and I've always wondered what to do with the wrapping paper. Well done. Now I must run out & organize mine in the garage....

jennyr said...

that's a great mini tackle! looks really nice!!!

btw, tilapia is a kind of fish u can buy anywhere like at Walmart,Meijers, Kroger, GFS...i think almost any store carries that...they are surely yummy!

Marcia said...

Esther, hi. Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting.

Jenny - thanks for telling me. I don't think we have tilapia here in SA. Next time you make it can you take a picture and email me??? Please ...