Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday - under my sink

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

When I was doing the homemaking meme, one of the questions was “what’s under your sink?” so I went to have a look and got a huge fright.

Looks like a big mess so I took a picture quickly and decided that would be my tackle this week.

So here’s the before.

And here’s the after – much better.

On the right side is my basket with all the everyday cleaning goodies. Behind the basket I keep spare cleaning cloths.

On the left side is where I keep my crafty stuff. Now I use that term very lightly. I make candles when the mood hits me and I like to make bath salts and foot soak (easy stuff like that). I think it’s from my chemistry background that I like mixing things.

In the front is a bucket I keep my “recipes” and all my mixing bowls, funnel and mixing spoons. At the back I keep the bath salts that are ready for decanting into special bottles, my Epsom and coarse sea salt, essential oils, and so on.

And at the bottom we keep all our trays and chopping boards.

Now please share, what’s under your sink?

Critique my blog

Oh by the way, I submitted my blog for a critique and here it is. What a nice man Bill is.


Clare said...

You asked!


It's looking like the 'before' again!

Marcia said...

Hi Clare

I see what you mean - from the front it does look similar - maybe it's because it was the back where things were just thrown in and messy.

Probably my angle wasn't great - but I do feel a sense of peace at the new look!


Celeste said...

NOno not gonna look under my sink! Great job!

jennyr said...

nice! it looks so organized! great job...

Beckaboo said...

Wow! You are organized! I wish that under my sink looked like your before pictures!! *wink*


mira said...

Good job! That's a great tackle. Under my sink are the following:

A basket of cleaning supplies -
Bar Keeper's friend
window cleaner
baking soda
granite cleaner
wood floor cleaner

paper towels

a milk jug full of plastic grocery bags

Marcia said...

Hey Mira - thanks for sharing!

And thanks for visiting, Jenny, Celeste and Becky.

Rona's Home Page said...

Very nice organizing job.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

LOL! I would get a huge fright if I looked under my sink. I just toss everything under there. (Maybe that should be my next tackle, huh?)


devildogwife said...

Great organizing! Currently, my sink only has cleaning supplies under it.

lifeasamama said...

wow - shiny! way to go...