Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tacke it Tuesday - handbags

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Okay so I promised that I’d do the handbags this week.

These were all in a big old mess (too ugly to take a picture). That’s because I am a handbag junkie. In fact, handbags, wallets and watches. But since I found my perfect wallet, I’m almost cured. Same story with the watches

I find I go through phases with handbags – at the moment, I carry around my diary, a coaching notebook (for my coaching, not coaching clients) and a general notebook. In addition, there’s a make-up bag, wallet, cell phone and some pens.

Anyway, I bought one of these fabric organiser things from Ackermans. There are 3 nice big shelves on the top and then littler ones below that. The little ones are meant for shoes but you know I like to use things, not as they were intended, but as I see fit.

Now the double rail in my wardrobe is a bit of a hindrance but I found that it doesn’t bother me too much and keeps my handbags much neater – they were all over the place before.

Top half of organiser

Bottom half of organiser

This basket is on the bottom of the wardrobe. It holds 5 bags if I place them in nicely. At the back I have a big red/ maroon bag that is holding a smaller black suede bag.

WOW - I just saw this is my 50th post. Been slack around these parts until recently.


Celeste said...

That is a lot of bags! Good tackle!

Karen said...

I too have a handbag obsession. When I tell my husband that something is in my bag, he always asks, "Which one??" The organizer looks good! (And I love the red bag with thick handles that is on the third shelf down :))

devildogwife said...

You do love your bags. :) Great tackle. I love using things for different purposes. Very creative use of the organizer.

Beckaboo said...

My daughters love handbags, too... I am constantly trying to find a creative way to organize their collection.
LOOKS FABULOUS! Terrific tackle!!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Nice tackle!!


Jennifer said...

Good job!

Jen said...

well done :)

Jennifer said...

Great tackle! I love them too, but it's too much hassle to me to switch back and forth. Right now I have two - my "regular" and a diaper bag. If the little one's not with me, I switch, but usually a diaper bag for me. Guess I don't love them enough for all that. Great way to keep them organized, but I'd have loved to see a before pic - they couldn't have been THAT bad! lol!