Thursday, December 21, 2006

How I organise my wallet

This is how I organise my wallet.

On the left I keep my cash/ debit cards – one is my personal bank account and the other is the business bank account.

The middle section has all my benefit cards from the stores – you can see Ster-Kinekor and Clicks sticking out. I also have my Fanatics card from Exclusive Books and in the pocket underneath, there's an Edgars cash card, Dischem and Mr Price Home.

On the right, my driver's licence is in the see-through sleeve. And then my 3 credit cards, each for a different purpose – one for groceries, one for any other household stuff that's not groceries and one for general spending. Now just before you jump to any conclusions, I use these as debit cards as I never buy on credit.

You can see I have a pen clipped there too – it fits perfectly.

Then the pockets...
  • The cash goes in the first one.
  • Any gift vouchers go in the zippered section – Clicks, Exclusive Books, etc.
  • And right at the back I keep my receipts until my weekly Budgeting Update day when they get removed.

The coins go in the zippered ouch at the back and my business cards go in the flap behind that. (If I get any other business cards while out, they go in my diary and then straight into Outlook).

Hope this helped you.

How do you organise your wallet?


Tammy L said...

Oh, I love your green wallet!! :)

I have a wallet-purse, and I keep minimal things in it, so it stays pretty organized. :)

Family O'Foxes said...

great question...I just shove stuff back into my wallet..I'm always in a rush. I know-not good.

thanks for sharing.

Deb said...

I love the way you organise your wallet. I like the concept of all-in-one. As I was frustrated with the high frequency of leaving things behind, I chose a traveller's wallet. It has nine card holders, one compartment for coins and three compartments for currencies which is sufficient for my notes, receipts, lipstick, bunch of keys and mobile phone. Thus no essentials are left behind ;)And I declutter the receipts daily.

Cindy said...

What brand is your wallet? It seems to work perfectly.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Cindy, it's a Jekyl and Hyde wallet. I love it. 5 years later it is still going strong.