Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Quick Outlook tip - adding contacts from email

Just thought I'd tell you about this, just in case you also didn't know ( I learnt about this recently, just about 6 months ago).

When someone sends you an email and you want to add them to your Contacts, click the email, drag it to the Contacts button and release.

It will open as a contact and you then click the Save and close button. The nice thing is it keeps the email intact so that you can see what the person told you.

The original email remains in your Inbox for filing wherever you want it. You're not storing emails in your inbox, now are you????

Take Charge tip
When I subscribe to sites with membership details, or I buy products with passwords and so on, I do this. It accomplishes two things:

  1. Whitelists the address so I get the complete course
  2. Saves all the password/ membership info

What did you think of this tip?

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