Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ali's organised closet

Here are some pictures of Ali's beautifully organised closet.

These are the summer clothes. Notice how the clothes are arranged by colour, with white and black on the sides, and the colours in the middle. I love how you can see everything at a glance, even the shoes. I'm sure she doesn't "forget" that she has any clothes or shoes because there are no piles.

In this photo, look at how the space on the doors is used well. This kind of space is often forgotten and, like in this case, is so easily made useful.
There are 5 hooks on each door for her jewellery (by the way, Ali also makes jewellery - if you go have a look at her site, you'll see her gorgeous stuff)

And here are her winter clothes. She uses a shoe organiser in this cupboard because you can see the space is less due to the bulk of the winter clothes. Even the kitten is comfortable here!

I was thinking how to introduce Ali to you but I think I'll let her do it herself. This is excerpted from her blog profile.

21st Century Nomad (currently putting down some roots). In April 2005 I left my job, friends, and family in the US and moved to Mozambique to work as a consultant. Some Brazilian friends of mine (including one who is now my boyfriend!) started a business here and invited me to take part as a fundraiser and grantwriter. We all used to live together in a small town called Chimoio, but now my boyfriend and I have moved to Maputo where we have a flat of our own. This blog is the story of my adventures, starting in Austin, passing through Rio, and ending somewhere in Africa.
Go visit her blog and remember to check out the jewellery.
Thanks for sharing your space with us, Ali.


Ali la Loca said...

Thanks, Marcia!

I do appreciate the introduction. Seeing my closet here makes me realize just how cool it looks when it's nicely organized.


Marcia said...

No problem! It's beautifully organised and deserves to be "showcased"!