Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - cheap shower gel

This week, my tips are more money-saving than organising.

1. I don’t ever buy the normal shower gels. Of course I get some sometimes as gifts but that doesn’t count.

If I have to buy any shower gel, I get some foam bath. Even kiddies foam bath (like in the picture) will do. Here in South Africa, they are about half the price of shower gel, even cheaper than that sometimes.

They work exactly the same as shower gel but at far less expense.

2. Then, when you’re done with the shower gel, there will be a few droplets at the bottom. Put a little water in the bottom and shake it up to make foam. I then squirt this on my hands for soap. It’s good for at least 3 hand washes.

3. Another quick tip – if you have shampoo you don’t like, use it for liquid handwash. You can use the conditioner (diluted with water) for fabric softener.

For more great tips, go visit Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer.


MC Milker said...

This is the best idea! The cost of Shower gel drives me crazy! Thanks

scribbit said...

Fabulous tip, I'll have to remember this one.