Monday, August 17, 2009

Share your favourite tip for organising the fridge

A reader, Vickie, sent me her favourite tip and I thought it would be fun if we all shared ours.

Are you game?

Of course, my favourite tip is to label the shelves in my fridge as in the picture above.
Here's Vickie's tip...

I thought that I would tell you one of my favorite organizing tricks:
I use a clear shoebox in the refrigerator for making quick lunches. My family loves it because you can take the whole box out and make a sandwich. We put the cheese, lunchmeat, tomato, onion, lettuce in the box. All we look for is the salad dressing. It saves time.
Thought you would enjoy this.
Yes, I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing, Vickie.
Now let's hear from the rest of you.

What's your favourite fridge organising tip?

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Diane said...

Mine is baskets. I have a fruit basket , veggie basket and after today I will have a bread basket. It makes the fridge look neater and we can find anything!!!!!

Diane said...

By the way Marcia I was thinking of labeling my baskets too!!!!!!!!!

Tina said...
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Tina said...

I also use plastic baskets to organize my fridge. I put similar items together, so I can easily take out all the condiments or salad dressings at once. I also have one in the fridge for individual serving size items that always seem to lost at the back of the shelf (like pudding or fruit cups).

I use dishcloths to line my crisper drawers. They help absorb moisture and make cleanup a breeze (then just toss them in the laundry). I used to use paper towels, but then I read this suggestion to be more environmentally friendly.

Karen L said...

I use an old Tupperware bread box (lost the lid long ago) to corral condiments: bbq sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, steak sauce, horseradish, relish, etc. They tend to slip out of the door shelf and tip over on the regular fridge shelves, so this works great for me.

Theresa Finnigin said...

Always put things back in the same place. If I do this, I can always find what I'm looking for and my family always knows where to find what they need too. Everything has a home! All condiments go in the door - that's a must! I also keep all the apples in a clear bowl in the fridge. Consistency is key for an organized fridge!

Rosa said...

We have a small fridge bottom with freezer top in our rental home. I wanted to buy a fridge top with freezer bottom, but hubby didn't want to invest in the appliance.
So, I do the same with baskets as described above: veggies and fruit each have a basket because I don't want them hidden in drawers (out of sight, out of mind); a basket for eggs; basket for cheeses; basket for two types of butter and yogurt packets (for the kids); then a bread basket above the fridge. I use the drawers for defrosting meat or putting things I don't want the kids to find like desserts. I like having the fridge organized this way.