Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Have you bought your planner yet?

Remember this post from last year where I showed you my planner?

(Incidentally, I need to put a "most popular posts" thing on my blog because that post gets a huge amount of traffic)

Anyway, I started a series of blog posts on the other blog called choose the perfect planner. Read this one and keep checking back. I've planned out about 5 already.

Here is part 1 - paper or electronic?

So have you bought yours yet?


HDMac said...

I am going to have to head to the Christian book supply to check out this planner. I like Joyce Meyer! :)

Anne Alagna said...

I have a FranklinCovey planner that runs July-June so it isnt planner time for me yet. I do need to work on goals for 2009 though.

I would love to get a different binder... maybe something in red leather? I have a real thing for red this year.

Marcia Francois said...

Mmmm, Anne - red leather is always good

Rona's Home Page said...

I haven't purchased my refills yet. I'll need to place an order by next week.
I even have a bible study pages for my planner courtesy of Busy Woman Planner.com.

epvirtualassistants said...

I went to the town proper yesterday and tried to look for a planner for next year. However, im not quitting with my quest to shop for one. Im trying to look for one online :)