Monday, December 15, 2008

My bedside table - before and after

Remember I told you how quickly my bedside table gets cluttered?

Here are the pictures to prove it, and my before shot.

There are tons of books - more than I can read in a month - and behind that pile bookmarks, tablets and hand creams galore.

Notice my empty glass - I love water with a slice of lemon. Yum!

Here is the after shot.

  • My evening mug of decaf tea.
  • I took 3 non-fiction books back to my study - when I finish one of the current non-fiction ones (When organizing isn't enough/ I don't know what I want but I know it's not this), I'll get one at a time.
  • I returned the medication to the bathroom and the extra container to my container drawer.
  • I tidied the telephone table too and put a pretty cloth underneath the phone and message pad.
  • Current pile of books - one fiction, two non-fiction, a journal and two Bibles
  • Candle holder keeping my rings while I sleep at night and a gold bracelet.

So tell me, what do you have on your bedside table?

P.S. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest and most encouraging people I know, Megan Spears!


Em Dy said...

A telephone. A lamp I don't use. Cell phone chargers.

Marcia Francois said...

Thanks for commenting, Em :)

Jessica said...

Marcia, it looks to me like the ideal bedside table for you based on what you show as collecting on it, would be a proper "nightstand" with a small pencil drawer (for the bookmarks and remotes and whatnot), with a bookshelf underneath. That way there'd be less stuff to clutter up the top of the table, and you'd still have a good armful of books at an easy reach :)

Of course, you may be like me and just not have room for such a nice piece of furniture (but I enjoy a nice nightstand when I visit my parents where space isn't at a premium). At the moment I'm using a tall narrow wire DVD rack as my nightstand. It has my alarm clock on it, a couple bottles of water, the book I'm currently reading, and my bible (which I'm also regularly reading), and a pen, which I am amazed has not gotten lost under the bed yet. The bookmarks have floated off to I-don't-know-where, so I probably need to get a proper container to keep them in, but its a start :)

Megan@Disorder2Order said...

My bedside looks like yours...

3 books in a nice stack
1 telephone
1 photo of my hubby
1 photo of my kids
1 lamp
1 booklight (in the drawer, but ends up on the surface)
1 coaster for my glass

Thanks so much for your warm wishes...

Marcia Francois said...

Thanks Jessica.

The thing is that bedside table has 3 drawers underneath – nail polish, tissues and so on, jewellery, watches and sunglasses, and the last drawer has my gym clothes.

The telephone table next to the bedside table has towels for our TINY bathroom (search this blog for the smallest bathroom in the world) because there is NO space in there ;)

Marcia Francois said...

Meg, look how orderly your list was LOL

The birthday wishes were an absolute pleasure and I went to have supper out and thought of you – alfredo pasta with chicken and spinach, BTW.

Tara said...

A lamp, a novel, a notebook, a coaster and lip balm.
All very tidy, all in their own place and now I feel very worthy (except my wardrobe looks like a tornado ripped through it, but the doors are always shut, so who knows!)

Krys72599 said...

Oh, you're all such lightweights! ;)

MY nightstand has a box of tissues (full-sized), a lamp, 2 pairs of glasses, a basket containing post-it notes, paper clips, pens, note paper, 4 postcards that fell out of magazines I'm reading, 6 books (on top of the nightstand! There are 22 more on the bottom!), a pair of earrings, a bottle of water, my cell phone, a bottle of body lotion, eye drops, nose spray, another pen, two nail files, and 4 magazines.

And I've corrupted my husband - his has the clock radio, a stack of magazine literally 1 foot high (I didn't count them!), a nail file, his cell phone, a sock (yes, just one!), and a bottle of water. On the bottom, he has two towels, 2 games (Yahtzee and Mancala - sometimes we play instead of watch TV).

And each of us has a drawer that is full and can't fit anything else - but what's in them? Just for fun, I'll name only a few things: 2 broken remote controls, some more paperback books, some highlighters, 2 bookmarks, assorted rubber bands and paper clips, instructions for the DVD player and the VHS player, two decks of cards (playing cards and Uno), and assorted other "stuff."

forgetfulone said...

For me, it's the table by the couch where I sit and use my laptop. All my stuff tends to pile up there... mail, papers from the kids, books. I need to clean it off now.

Carolyn, Calm the Clutter said...

Funny, my bedside table looks like yours too: oversized lamp (which I will one day replace), hand cream, telephone, 6 magazines, sudoku book, clock radio, a very pretty greeting card which I use as a coaster for glass of water. It's all pretty organized but wait, what's this? There's a cupboard underneath full of 20 books, WW notes, ... Alas!

laura said...

My bedside table tends to attract a teetering pile of books which I have to prune every now and then. Right now it's a fairly manageable stack of 9 books (and a few Reader's Digests).

Besides that, there's a vintage lamp (the base is 3 kittens in a basket), a cream-coloured Big Ben alarm clock, hand cream, a small glass pot of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, reading glasses, mother-of-pearl opera glasses (for watching the wild Brooklyn parrots, not spying on neighbors), 3 small hatboxes (containing small hats), 2 vintage needlepoint purses (on top of the hatboxes), and a pot of miniature fabric roses.

I don't have much in the drawers underneath - just some Burt's Bees products, bookmarks, journals I never write in because they're too pretty, and earplugs for when my neighbor is too noisy.