Friday, October 17, 2008

The Friday Declutter Challenge - 17 Oct 08 - get ready for Christmas

Please encourage all your blog friends to join us in decluttering by using the button on your sidebar. Christmas is just around the corner and you need to start taking action so that you don't just fill up all the spaces you've already decluttered.

The Declutter Tip for the week ...


Communicate with your family and friends that you've chosen to live a simpler, decluttered lifestyle and if they really want to give you gifts, you'd prefer to receive consumable gifts instead of clutter.

Some of my favourite gifts are experiences - coffee and cake with a friend, massages, a wash and blow dry at the hairdresser, etc.

Start a wish list of books you REALLY want to read, etc.

This week, I decluttered about 20 bookmarked sites I'd been saving on my computer, about 5 documents and my usual 50 emails a day (at least).

Next week, I'll declutter something a bit more tangible so I can post a picture. But you know what? I l-o-v-e a nice organised computer, don't you?

What did you declutter this week?

Please link to the post on your blog where you show off your pictures or talk about the declutter. Or if you don't have a blog, tell me in the comments about ANYTHING you got rid of this week.

It can be anything like physical, electronic, mental clutter or even the need to be a certain way. Like perfectionism! :)


Me said...

Do you have a list of books that you want to read? I don't want to buy any more books or spend money on reserving them, so I can only read what I find at the library. I don't find new books very often.

Tabitha Blue said...

Thanks for the tip... I haven't decluttered anything really this week.. oops. Bad I know. I'll get on that.:)


jannie_b said...

I didn't blog about decluttering this week, but my big accomplishment was actually taking a car-load of previously decluttered stuff to Goodwill.

I also went through a huge pile of old magazines and papers that had accumulated on a coffee table in a seldom used room. I also did a big tidy of my desk.

Jackie B. said...

I am jumping on the decluttering train. This week I decluttered my computer desk because I had a new computer installed. YIPPEE!!!! I also declutted my coupon file. I just recently started clipping them again and they sure do pile up fast!

Marcia said...

Shirley, I do keep a list but I've resolved to stop buying or getting any from friends unless I read two of my own every month. That's my boundary.

Tabitha - we all need a reminder

Well DONE, Janet! That’s excellent. Getting the stuff out of your car is half the battle.

Jackie, well done. A new computer is SUCH a great incentive.

Belle said...

hello marcia! it's great finding your blog! I'm reorganising my wardrobe for this week. It's still not done yet but I'm finding that I have too much clothes now! hehe still trying to decide on which is which and I hope that I wont change my mind when the time comes to give them away! hehe

hannahbeader said...

Hello Marcia. I'm just starting to go through my Mom and Dad's place. They both had Alzheimers and I can't even see a place to start. It is a lived in house, not cleaned or picked up for years but kept just minimal for friends to stop by and not press too much. Us kids were aware but not as aware as we should of been. I was the one who stepped forward in the last three to be their helper, bill payer, cook, washer, dryer, etc. for all three of us. I'm glad they didn't suffer but now the cleanup is in earnest as we need to sell the house and I refuse to leave like I see houses on TV. We need to go through everything because Mom and Dad were historical buffs and had lots of archival information. Wish me luck.