Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A launch pad saves you 5 hours a week

That's a picture of my handbag on my launch pad.

A launch pad enables you to hit the ground running every day.

In the office
Your launch pad is writing down your high priority items on your eat the frog form so you start off your day on the right note.

You can save TONS of time if you don't have to think about your priorities every morning.

How much time could you save if you immediately started each day on the most important tasks?

In the home
It's keeping all your stuff in one place so you don't run around looking for your keys, wallet, bag, etc. On the day the picture above was taken, that was all I needed.

This is the keyholder on that same wall

One hook for my house and car keys, one for my husband's and one for household stuff (keys to the pool, etc.). As you can see, Dion was out at the time so I spread my stuff around to make it look pretty :)

Every evening I leave my handbag and keys in a central place so that in the mornings all I do is grab and go. Once I leave the bedroom, I walk to the fridge to get my lunch, set the alarm, grab my stuff from my launch pad and I'm out of there. That's two minutes tops!

Time saved using both launch pads every week: 5 hours

This definitely works for me!

Do you use a home and office launch pad?


HDMac said...

I used to use my dryer - until I decluttered it!! Now I have my the top of my shelf as I go out the back door. I put my purse there, my keys are attached. If I have used my market bags, they go under my purse so that I can take them out to the car. Any file or other paperwork I am taking goes under my purse. I also have a tray for the cell phones to recharge so that they make it with us when we leave! :) And the great thing? IT WORKS FOR ME!!! :) I love the name "launch pad." that is exactly what it is!
PS. my craft room is complete!

My Precious Pennies said...

My entire entryway closet is our launchpad. I keep my different purses in there, keys, dog leashes, dog treats/clickers for training, any items that need to be returned, AND the different bags we have. We have a gymboree bag, and then my husband has various bags that he takes to work on different days. Everything we need is in that closet. Granted, it gets a bit crowded when there's 2 humans and 2 excited dogs trying to get everything and get out the door, but I think that'd happen anyway so I'm not stressing it.

Marcia said...

Oh, I wish I had a complete closet – that would be heaven. My entire launch pad is here

Kirby3131 said...

I do have a lunch pad. We have an entry table right at the front door where I have a sliver tray, a lamp & a silver bowl. The tray is where shopping lists are placed, the mail that needs to go out, anything that needs to be taken with us that's paper. The silver bowl holds keys.

I almost always take my bucket with me - my bucket is something like a milkcrate with wheels and a long handle. If I need to take lots of stuff with me, I load up the bucket. If I'm going grocery shopping, I take my bucket. The bucket is in the kitchen but if I need to remember to take things I just put them in the bucket - even though it isn't next to the front door I rarely leave without it.