Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ask the organiser - YOU

Okay, this is a question for all you clever bloggers out there.

How do you get that whole line of social networking icons and links to appear automatically at the bottom of your posts?


Me said...

I am not sure exactly what you want but if you go to Blogger\s layout page there should be a section at the bottom that you can edit and add things to. Is this what you are looking for? (my son re/installed Windows and now the punctuation doesn\t work well.)

Karl said...

This is quite simple my young apprentice. When you post a message, you simply need to evoke the proper code or a link to the social networking sites you wish link to. The manner in which you do this depends on the blogging site you are posting on, and whether you are an author on the blog or just a commenter. Did you have an example of a place you would like for me to give you an exact, step by step example on?


Marcia said...

LOL Hey Karl

your profile was blocked :( so I'm hoping you're still reading...

If you look at http://simplemom.net/ under each of her posts, it says "share and enjoy" and then there's a row of little pictures.

That's what I'm talking about.

Trish said...

You could try putting in a free addthis button (just click on the "get your button" link and they'll customize one for you). That should link you up to all of the big networking sites.

Emily@Remodelingthislife said...

Hi! I just found your blog and have added it to my reader! Everything looks great!

I have the row of social love buttons on my site. It's a plugin called "Sociable".

I am not sure how adding plugins on blogger works though.