Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday's Declutter Challenge - 31 Oct & Christmas gifts

Please encourage all your blog friends to join us in decluttering by using the button on your sidebar. Christmas is just around the corner and you need to start taking action so that you don't just fill up all the spaces you've already decluttered.

The Declutter Tip for the week

Re-think the types of gifts you give to others.

For Christmas this year, consider giving gifts of time or clutter-free gifts like experiences. Take a friend for coffee and a muffin, or take over a casserole that they can pop in the freezer.

Last year, my sister gave me a massage for Christmas. It was my best gift because not only do I love massages, but also nothing to schlep back to Joburg on the plane and find a place for in my house :)

This year for my birthday I asked my husband for a DVD of one of my favourite movies (The Holiday) and we spent time together watching a lovely romantic movie on the couch eating popcorn and chocolate. Divine!

Alternatively, give something that is consumable (like my easy oatmeal cookies) or that people will definitely use (not that think they should use, but that they will use)

What other ideas do you have for clutter-free gift giving?


I bought two of these bags (yes, identical) because I couldn't decide which I'd rather have. I haven't used the red one at all so I'm decluttering the red one. No, I'm not throwing away a perfectly good (unused bag) - I'll sell it to someone.

What did you declutter this week?

Please link to the post on your blog where you show off your pictures or talk about the declutter. Or if you don't have a blog, tell me in the comments about ANYTHING you got rid of this week.

It can be anything - physical, electronic, mental clutter or even the need to be a certain way. Like perfectionism! :)

I want you to leave a comment telling me what you're going to declutter next week, just for accountability :)


DeeAnn said...

Happy Halloween! I did a lot of decluttering this week because I hate clutter.

I got rid of DVD's that I don't watch. I got rid of magazines. I decluttered my clothes & got rid of some items including purses. I know I'm sorry, lol. I do love your purses. :)

I got rid of items in my bathroom that no longer fit my age or lifestyle.

I also got rid of some beads.

I unsubbed from Yahoo Groups that don't help me any more. Unsubbed from some of my newsletters.

Deleted files off my computer that I don't need.

Marcia said...

WOW, Deeann, you did an AWESOME job. And of course, you must get rid of "purses" if you no longer have a use for you.

Kirby3131 said...

I love The Holiday. It is one of my new favorites. I have two purses, a large one and a tiny one. I usually only use the tiny one because the only thing that can fit in it is money and credit cards. No clutter lol

I took 5 bags of trash out of a house we are renovating. The construction boys just toss stuff on the ground, walk in ankle deep sawdust and all of that chaos was making my head spin. So yesterday when no one was there, I cleaned the place up. It took several hours, but now I feel like I can see the house! My head feels better too - no more spinning :0)

Marcia said...


I know - now you have a clear head and that feeling of peace

*happy sigh*

Tabitha Blue said...

Nice~ this week has been such a whirl... I don't think I really decluttered anything... well, cleaned out some files on my computer, thats about it for now. Maybe THIS weekend or coming week I will :) Here's hoping!

Marcia said...

hey Tabitha

That's GREAT - it's about baby steps. Whether it's one file on the computer or a whole room, it's progress :)

Me said...

Next week I'm going to sort through the papers on the computer table, wash and give away some clothes and decide what gadget boxes my son should still keep.

It seems that this year gift giving will be limited to my son, so he'll probably get whatever he wants and I agree to get. The adults in the family have decided not to exchange gifts and it isn't really the custom here (or at least amongst the people I know) to exchange gifts with friends.

forgetfulone said...

I'm thinking electronic - email gift cards, music downloads, pay-per-view movies. How does that sound?

Cherie said...

hi! im posting what i will declutter next week- im going to declutter my book shelf. its in the loungeroom so not exactly out of sight! its just a complete mess. book just shoved and jammed in. and even the top has become a place to put stuff... so that is my mission for next week. i will include pics on my blog too!

Marcia said...

Shirley, I would lOVE to know where you live :) Sounds so interesting.

We've decided the same about gift-giving with the adults, now we have to "break the news" to the family :)

Oooh, that sounds great!

Welcome!!! I'm going to post some links for you on your blog.

Jackie B. said...

Okay, last week was my first week to comment about about decluttering. I will resolve to do better from now on. This week I really did not do a decluttering project. I can only do baby steps at a time so it is not overwhelming for me. I did some of the closet and got rid of 3 pairs of pants. I also went thru my dish linen closet and reorganized my sheets. I got rid of 5 pillowcases. I know it is not much but I will start keeping better track of the things I do. :-)

Marcia said...

Jackie, you did an AWESOME job. It’s about baby steps as long as you’re consistent.

Even if you got rid of 1 pillowcase, that is still GREAT. So you did an excellent job!