Friday, October 10, 2008

The Friday Declutter Challenge - 10 Oct 08

Please encourage all your blog friends to join us in decluttering by using the button on your sidebar. Christmas is just around the corner and you need to make space for all the stuff you'll inevitably get.

The Declutter Tip for the week ...

When something's decluttered, enjoy the space.

Often we feel like because we cleared space we need to fill it up again.

You don't have to do that.

Instead, enjoy the feeling of peace and tranquility that the space brings.

I have two quick examples:

You've just switched your clothes around. While you did that, you threw out stuff that you didn't like or that didn't fit.

Don't go straight out and buy a whole lot of new clothes.

Enjoy the feeling of space in between your hangers, of being able to easily get clothes in and out of your wardrobe (closet).

You find yourself with a cancelled appointment and some free time.

Don't immediately go into overdrive - what can I do? I'm sure there's work I need to do, etc, etc.

Enjoy that feeling and use it to do something fun, or use it for some big picture thinking. Brainstorm your next BIG business project.

As you saw yesterday...
I decluttered some vitamins and old medicines this week.

What did you declutter?

Please link to the post on your blog where you show off your pictures or talk about the declutter. Or if you don't have a blog, tell me in the comments about ANYTHING you got rid of this week.

It can be anything like physical, electronic, mental clutter or even the need to be a certain way. Like perfectionism! :)


Lindsay Spencer said...

I got rid of a lot of craft supplies that I am never going to use. I saved some of the good stuff for my daughter, who is constantly getting into mine. The rest is going to a RAK or charity.

flip flops and pearls said...

I found the coolest Post-It pockets to help organize my receipts, bills & coupons. That was the best $9.99 I ever spent!! Happy to share my find with you all. LOVE YOUR BLOG! Thank You!!

My Precious Pennies said...

TAG! You're IT! Share some randomness and fun & pass it on!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I've been working on de-cluttering my home office. This week I declttered the closet, and found some great stuff that I had forgotten about! My link shows one treasure I re-found! ~Sherri