Monday, October 20, 2008

Frugality and my menu plan

I won't mention the R word but since I know a lot of you are watching your pennies, let me share some frugal organising posts with you:

  1. Frugal organising with cereal boxes
  2. Frugal labelling

How else can you be organised yet frugal?

And while we're talking free stuff, remember to download your free forms - menu planners, master to-do lists, shopping lists, etc.

So many forms; so little time :)

Look at this gorgeous beauty that now lives in my kitchen! Am I the only one who uses one of these every single day?

And menu for the week

Stirfried veggies, noodles and beef

M - my year-end function
D - beef lasagne

Pineapple chicken, mashed potatoes and carrots

Chicken steaks, rice and veggies

Hot dogs and chips

Don't forget to visit on Friday to show off what you declutter this week. The Mr Linky will be up at 12am EST so get ready :)


annie said...

what is the r word?
how are you?

Candace said...

Your menu sounds yummy!

Marcia said...

R is for recession :)

The Happy Housewife said...

love your kitchen scale! I need one of those! You menu looks great! I have been thinking about stir fry too this week!