Friday, September 21, 2007

Favourite organising tools #7 - plastic envelopes

Plastic envelopes must be one of my absolute favourite organising tools of all time.

  1. They are transparent so you can see what you have in them.
  2. They have a clip (don't bother getting the ones with the string because they are just ANNOYING).
  3. They are roomy so you can throw in any pens, clippings, envelopes, etc. you're working on.
  4. They are portable so you can take them with you to work or read through in the car, at the hairdresser, etc.

I use them mainly for my projects so I have a number of these on my desk, each with a different purpose.

I seem to have lots of ideas for e-books, courses, etc. so when I'm ready to work on something, I'll prepare a plastic project envelope. I usually use a post-it note to label the project so that when I'm done, I can just throw it away and I still have a nice-looking envelope (like the green one above) without that horrible sticky stuff that most labels leave behind.

In the top one, you'll see my latest product that I was working on - the Organise your Business system (this one is mainly to organise your home-based business). I have an e-book in the second one (you can just see the edge of the post-it) and some weekly tips ideas in the third one.

I usually only keep the plastic envelope until the project is complete. Then I toss my rough notes because everything is either in the e-book or on my website.

The coloured polypropylene ones come in a pack of two at Pick & Pay (most things I buy at P&P) for R6.99 (US$1).


Now allow me the chance to rave about my new, best plastic folders.

These ones are called book bags, they're made by Croxley and I bought mine at Pick & Pay for R12,99. They are lovely soft plastic, attach with velcro and have a little flap for a name tag/ subject insert.

I've been testing this one for the last month and it is lovely and durable. You can see there's plenty of space for my gorgeous gel pens, flash drive and all the stuff I'm reading and working on.

I'm not getting commission for this, nor have I been asked to review them (why not, Croxley?) - I just really, really love them and they definitely make me do the happy dance!


Corrie Haffly said...

My personal favorite are the very similar plastic document sleeves -- I personally have the kind that are sealed on the left and bottom so you can slide things in at the top right. I use these for everything!

annie said...

Very cool!
I have been an organizing fool this week! I cleaned out my closet and so much stuff yesterday, you would be so proud!!!
Why was I blogging at 6 a.m.? Well, I just woke up and was wide awake. I brought my bible to the couch to do my daily reading and checked my emails first and saw your comment so I headed over to reply since our emails is all crazy!

Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

I bought a whole heap of these plastic envelopes at the beginning of the year. DD7 uses one for her homework sheets and one for her "home readers" and one for her library book. They are so handy!

I also use them for paperwork that I need to take with me for any particular reason, eg: last year we had regular meetings with our lawyer so I kept all the relevant paperwork in one so it was easy just to grab it and go :)

Suzanne said...

I love the poly envelopes! Especially the ones with velcro. Not into the annoying, twist me around until I puke string fastners, but I love the velcro! During the holidays, I will throw in my Christmas cards and a pen so while I am "patiently" waiting for school to get out I can sign off on a few cards. It works out GREAT!

Org Junkie said...

I love this concept. I use ones similar to Corrie above. Works great!

Marcia said...

Ooh, Corrie and Laura - those are the ones I don't like so much(maybe it's because I carry so much around and things could fall out) :)

Suzanne, I do exactly the same thing with Christmas cards.

Annie, I want to see pictures!!!

Ooh, Tina - perfect uses. We did the same when we were buying our house.

And I forgot to say in my post. We love using these when we travel. I put my flipfile with tours and stuff straight into this (because they fit easily) with tickets, receipts, etc. Soo handy!

kpmomma said...

I came across your site when I was looking for a cheaper alternative to's office in a bag. I use the Velcro plastic folder for important docs I'll need when having to flee the house, such as social security cards, birth certificates, pink slips to the cars, etc. All important documents are in one envelop in our filing cabinet so that's all I have to grab. I know I should have them in a fire proof box which I will buy eventually. This works for now.