Friday, September 14, 2007

The Organized Life – by Stephanie Denton (Review 2)

This is a book review by Lauren Wyper. Lauren is considering becoming a professional organiser and because she had lots of questions, we had coffee while chatting about it all.

(Suzanne, Lauren wants to buy our book!)

After I finished this book, I thought Lauren might like to have a quick read before I sent it to Canada, which is exactly what we did. So here's her review:

I absolutely loved this book!

It’s the first actual book on organization that I have read – everything else has been from websites or magazine articles, so it was a lovely change.

Not only was the layout very easy on the eye, but the content was very well explained and succinctly put.

Of course there was some repetition from other articles I have read, but I felt the information was well worth repeating and very well explained.

The book helped me realize that even if I’m already doing things in what I think is an organised fashion, there is always another level to work towards :-)

So, I picked up some tips on things I’m not yet doing and some ideas on how to optimize what I’m already doing.

Read my review here.

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Melody said...

Hiya!Found your blog via Laura, the Org Junkie.Great to find a local blogger who is an organising guru...I dream bout being organised and so will be visiting often.Am on a quest to find the best LOCAL solutions for storage/clutter control etc. Maybe you could begin to build a resource of this nature for your SA readers?