Saturday, September 22, 2007

This is what it's all about

I publish a weekly tips newsletter and this Wed, I wrote an article on decluttering your clothes.

This is one of the emails I received after I sent it out.

Good morning Marcia,

Thank you for this week's tips.

I have started with my clothes and I must say, it has been one of the best exercises. I realised how much old clothes I have that I don't even need, let alone wear.

I feel like the weight on my shoulders has decreased tremendously. I am
very happy because I can see what's going on in my cupboards.

I also did the kids and Hendrick's clothes too and he is happy because we can identify stuff that's missing, if there is any.

Another thing, this exercise has opened a new door. The clothes we did not like, and do not fit us anymore (of course, in good condition), we took to a local orphanage, and the experience was extremely overwhelming....


I've always said that I don't believe in organising just for the sake of things looking pretty (although that helps), but it's the feeling of peace that being organised brings you.

Claudia gets it, do you?

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annie said...

I got the SMS while driving down the road! I was so excited to hear from you!
I love my new bookmark by the way!
I am using it in my bible everyday!

Org Junkie said...

You got that right Marcia! I just spent some time this morning switching my seasonal clothes out and it feels so good to get it done. I'll be blogging about it this week.

Enjoy your weekend!

Ali said...

that's one area I need to declutter ~ my wardrobe!!

Anonymous said...

We do the closet decluttering about once or twice a year. With seven children... there is always clothes that they are out growing.