Friday, September 07, 2007

The winner of the TIDY DESK competition is...

Well, this has been such fun - I think I'll have to do this again soon...

First, I want to thank all of you for participating. It has been such fun for me to see the transformations and the different ways each of us organise our workspaces.

I feel so much better knowing that there are lovely, tidy desks out there - I hope that you guys do too!

I chose the winner because

  1. the desk looks and functions well
  2. there's a place for everything
  3. her files are labelled (I LOVE labels)
  4. she followed all the steps (I even checked back on the blog and I see she declutters regularly)
  5. tweaked the solutions until it fitted her (organising is not a one-stop shop)
  6. she will maintain this (when I helped Laura judge the Organising Challenge in May, I also looked out for entries that I felt would be maintained. Laura, what happened to that laundry lady? I always remember those flowers!)
  7. BONUS - she found stuff she thought she'd lost
Karen at Pediascribe, you're the WINNER! Please go over and say congratulations to Karen. And go visit the other participants' desks too because everyone did a wonderful job! I loved all Lu's colourful things on her desk even though I can't read a word of the Portuguese!

Karen, I'm emailing your prize to you right now.

For the rest of you, I'm giving you R20 off the Your organised home - basic pack so you only pay R50.

Go to the store, click on e-courses and pay for the Take Charge of your Success e-course which is R50. Then email me and tell me what you bought.

The reason I'm being lazy is because it's date night (we're going to see No Reservations) and I don't have time to go create new discount coupons right now. I know you'll forgive me :)


Org Junkie said...

Congratulations Karen!!

Marcia, we went to see that movie in Ontario. I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too!!

PS: It would be fun to do a follow up on past challenge participants wouldn't it. I'm trying to decide when/how to run the next challenge. I'll email you to pick your brain!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Thank you, Marcia for the kind words and the award! I'm so excited!!! The best part is, I have a wonderful work space. Thanks for motivating me! Looking forward to the next challenge!!!!

Lili Bollero [Elisa] said...

oh! my...
i was so excited about participate on that ... but i don't see you have given the prize...
oh my!
sorry sorry sorry...
sniff sniff sniff...
So... if you can, please go on my posts and see what you idea did on my desk - lol.
Hugs... I will wait another promo like that! hugs

annie said...

Have a fun date night!!!

Coach J said...

Ok, I totally missed it! What a dufus I am!! I wanted to participate here, but I guess my busy-ness got in the way...I'll be sure and do it the next time.
Loved that movie, btw. you'll have to let me know what you think!
Thanks for "opening your big mouth" over at my place! Hot discussion, huh?

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Just letting you know, ....the award I mentioned to you is officially posted on my blog! :) Come on over and accept it! :)