Monday, September 10, 2007

Tackling my wardrobe

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

In Johannesburg, there's no middle ground. It's either ice-cold or blazing hot.

During the last week of August I was still wearing corduroys, boots and thick, winter jackets. On 1 September exactly, it was blazing hot (high 20's) and it hasn't let up at all.

Last week we had temperatures of 28 and 29 degrees the entire week.

Which is why it became really urgent to swop my winter and summer clothes around because I hate wasting time in the mornings.

I keep the clothes I need to access a lot on the right side of the wardrobe because my side of the wardrobe is on the left of our bedroom, and the ones for the other season in plastic bags on the left side. I know I shouldn't keep them in plastic but quite honestly, it's worked for me ALL these years and I'm happy like that, okay?

I have a double rail to maximise space and it really works because everything fits (except the thick winter coats).

I had to

  1. throw out any old clothes, clothes that I no longer loved or those that don't fit
  2. move the clothes around
  3. sort out the colours
  4. sort out the sleeve lengths

I like to file my clothes by colour or shade first, and then by sleeve length. So all the beige suits will hang together, with sleeve lengths ranging from short to long.

before - top
before - bottom
Before you get really worried, I have tackled all those handbags too. Those 3 were only thrown in during the last couple of days in total frustration. That will be posted as next week's tackle. It's a big one!
after - top
notice the colours - light to dark
I can still declutter some more - this will happen as I wear things and find they don't look so great any more :(

after - bottom
ignore the plastic bags on the left; then go my long-sleeved shirts (in case we actually have a spring at some point) and my casual pants.

and I present - my beautifully organised wardrobe

I sat on my bed and just gazed at it for a few minutes afterwards :)

If I had to change to spring/ summer clothes, then I'm guessing that you US guys have to change to autumn/ winter clothes.

That's my challenge to you - tackle those wardrobes (closets) and link back here so I can come have a look.


Kin said...

Definitely something I'm "in the process" of doing...

Marcia said...

Hey Kin

You're in the southern hemisphere too so we're in the same boat. And Aus is almost exactly the same climate as SA :)

Mama´s Coffee Corner said...

Oh dear, don´t even try to get me into my wardrobe, it is quite organized now,not, but better than it was. I might tackle that another day:) You´ve done a great job! *lol*

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! super job! I need to do this soon, maybe next week!
Happy Tuesday!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Okay, your before pictures look like after pictures t me. I am that disorganized! Do you think if I stuck around your blog long enough that I might pick up some of your cleaning and organizing skills?

peppylady said...

Our closet is pretty bad and that one of the things I need to tackle.
But in all honesty I should do my computer desk and the small table in our dinning room first.

Heather P. said...

Awesome work! I was going to tackle the closet today too but its for another day now. I had to sound rude or anything like that but shouldn't is be "organizing" not organising?

Heather P. said...

I meant to say," I don't mean to sound rude." I just never seen the word organise spelt that way before. Great blog! Keep up the awesome work! Looks great!

Marcia said...

Heather LOL

I'm in South Africa and I know in Australia and the UK we all spell it like that.

I'm not a language expert - maybe someone else can help me - but I think only you guys in North America spell it like that?

We use "s" for all those kinds of words - diarise, strategise, etc.


Coach J said...

He,he!! Another SA/US difference :) but I knew about that one!
You know, I wish our seasons were as cut and dried as I'm assuming yours are. I have to keep my shorts handy for about 10 mths out of the year. You just never know here in the South. I've worn shorts before on Thanksgiving Day. I do keep my closet organiSed :) all year round! Shocking, I know!

Corrie Haffly said...

Hi Marcia! I organized my closet independently of your challenge (mainly because we just moved!) but I did finally post pictures on my blog. :-)