Sunday, September 09, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - 10 Sept 07


1. Have you seen the winner of the tidy desk competition? Participants, remember you get R20 off the your organised home - basic pack.

2. For those that asked, we had a lovely date night, thank you :) No Reservations was a lot sadder than anticipated and I cried a lot, but we still enjoyed it very much. And of course, I love watching anything with food!

3. And of course, my sidebar is fixed. That is honestly one of the best things that happened last week. Sad, isn't it?

4. As for the weight loss... I am drinking my water very easily, partly because temperatures are SKY-HIGH! Tomorrow is 30! 30!!!! Spring is one week old and temperatures are 30!!! I have stopped eating after supper but I only managed gym once last week. It was so hectic that I was totally scared away. But my mindset is positive again and I'm back on track. Here we go - salsa tomorrow and Wed and probably Kata Box on Thursday.

How are you doing?

Spicy sausage and potato one-pot

Mince curry with kidney beans, served with rice and pumpkin

Wednesday - online chat with Laura
Baked potatoes topped with spicy lentil and tomato sauce

Takeaway pasta from Mimmo's

Sandra's pizza

For more Menu Plan Monday participants, go on over to Laura's blog.

This weekend I sorted out my summer and winter clothes. Come back tomorrow to see my wardrobe tackle!


annie said...

I thought of you today as I drank water...

Nicole said...

Great menu plan this week! Good luck on your weight loss plan!

palmtreefanatic said...

Hi Marcia! Thanks for stopping by!And checking out my blog, you are always welcome!
I didn't know you needed to loose weight! I think you look GREAT! It does make one feel better working out and eating healthy, I am also trying hard to do this!
Though our seasons are changing and cold weather is right around the corner making it harder to get out, but enjoy your spring!

your menu looks great!

Marcia said...

Annie, that's great! :)

Nicole, thanks!

Marcia said...

Tina (palm-tree)
I have to lose 3kg (about 6 pounds?). If I lose more, bonus, but that's my aim :)

Leeann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

As for the whole back to work thing, I am in the sort-of category. Is there a file for that? lol A friend of mine from my son's baseball team had a baby in July. She has a daycare at work that he is waitlisted on but no spots have opened up. So, starting in mid to late October, I will be keeping him three days a week while she is at work. That gives me my baby fix, a little extra money (all of which is going to my husband's surprise fortieth birthday gift next July) and I will be keeping him here at my home, so those will be my days to straighten and clean house and do laundry. Win-win all the way around!

Have a great Monday!

Char said...

Looks like a great week and thanks for the reminder to drink more water.

Have a great week.

tegdirb92 said...

what a delicious sounding meal plan this week, Marcia!! Have a wonderful, water filled drinking week :)

ScrapFairy said...

YOur menu looks great. And thanks for the reminder of the water, I am so bad at it. Have a great week.

Org Junkie said...

I've got to sort my summer/winter clothes as well but I think I'm going in the opposite direction as you. Winter comes early for us here in the North!

Coach J said...

I'm trying to drink all of my water. That's better than not trying at all! :)
The temps here are supposed to be really nice by the end of the week, and we are looking forward to it!!

gail@more than a song said...

As Jenny said, we are starting to have nicer temps here in our state!
I want to cook with lentils more but don't like the recipe I used last time at all, yours looks good...but I'd have to find something to convert the measurements!