Friday, September 14, 2007

Some bloggy business

I received two awards recently and I've been very slack in publicly thanking them.

Tricia at Dragonfly Dreams gave me the Nice Matters award. Thank you, Tricia - I'm glad I inspire you ;) Tricia was one of the participants in the tidy desk competition.

Annie previously gave me this award too which I accepted on the other blog --->> And of course, I gave it to Barb, Lorie and Bridget.

This time, I'm going to give the Nice Matters award to Tina at MummifiedX5. I see Tina all over the blogosphere leaving such nice, encouraging, relevant comments which show me that she's interested in connecting with people.


Then last Sunday, Karen at Pediascribe gave me this award. Now the observant among you might notice that Karen recently won the same tidy desk competition mentioned above. However, her blog post was written days earlier. Or so I'm told :-)

Karen, I'm honoured to accept this award. And you'll notice that I took the nice matters button from your blog as it's a nice clear version of the button :)

And since I'm not all about organising, I'm giving this award to blogs you may not know about:

Waiting for Sophie - she is the cutest little girl EVER

Cool people I know - I stumbled upon this new blog and I was instantly hooked. I love Stephanie's life list and am inspired to do my own. If I work up the courage, I'll post it on the coaching blog.

The simple life - I gave Mindi the creative blogger award too because she is such a talented photographer (one of her pictures was on the cover of a scrapbooking magazine recently). But the real reason I love her blog is because of her kids/ how she blogs about her kids. She has a great sense of humour and I'm usually laughing but definitely smiling when I read her blog.


I'm well aware that I've been tagged recently but aside from Annie's blog tag, I can't remember who tagged me for what because I saw them while I was reading Google Reader and eating. And I mistakenly thought that I'd remember everything - um, no :)

So if you'll let me know, I'll get onto it. I'm in productive mode so let's use this while it lasts :)

(Ooh - I just read this beautiful post over at Superhero Journal)


annie said...

I ♥ your blog too Marcia!!!
¸.·´¸.·*¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·’ * Annie *

littlepurplecow said...

Marcia, I am so honored! Thank you for thinking of me and sharing your talent.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Scouts honor that I awarded the blog BEFORE I won. I just didn't have it auto post until Sunday--my day off from "writing" but not from posting! ;)

Glad you like my nice matters button. Dh did not like the paled out letters so he spent a couple of hours revamping it. We've seen it show up here and there and he smiles everytime! :) He's so OC about his computer stuff!

Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

Wow! Thankyou, Marcia! It was a nice surprise seeing this today :)
In answer to your question, yes I am okay. Just having some probs with my internet provider and in the process of changing over to a new company but what they failed to tell me was that my connection would be interupted for almost a week! Now, I used to say that I didn't care if it got cut off but I'm missing being online!! Hopefully everything should be fixed up by Tuesday or Wednesday. See you then! :)

Shana said...


You are too sweet- thank you so much... for the award and for the compliment to Sophie Lu!

I really need to get more organized, so I'd better catch up on your blogs!

Thanks again!

Hugs, Shana :)