Friday, August 10, 2007

My favourite organising tools #3 - Post-It notes

I love post-it notes to help me get organised.

And if you get the proper ones, they stick on everything and last forever. Don't waste your time with the cheap stuff. I use them in the fridge and they just don't lose their stickiness - ever!

The reason why they work is that they are quick and easy labels so you don't need to guess what's in a particular box.

My uses

  1. in my fridge
  2. on storage boxes
  3. on shelves
  4. magazine holders
  5. planner
  6. Bible
  7. books
  8. videos
See all those purple pieces of paper sticking out of this book? Those are all the good bits in the book I will reference again

That orange sticky marks the chapter I'm reading in my Bible (cool Bible, hey?)

This big, blue-grey post-it is where I write down what I've taped.

Sorry, this is a bad picture but see those yellow post-it flags sticking out? Monthly events and blogging notes!

Where else do you use post-its?

I've just been catching up on Google Reader and I saw all these other uses for sticky notes on Scott's blog.

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annie said...

Good to know. I have acquired a lot of post it notes lately via goodmail so now I will have more uses for them!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

love ya!

annie said...

another award, come see!

Laane said...

Oh my dear.
With 8 of us in a house that's too much to read, too much to write.
I just try to memorize.

MeganS said...

I love post-it's too... every size, every color every shape!

I need to tag you!

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