Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'd also like to thank...

Coach Jenny!
Guess what I got on Tuesday?

A birthday package from Coach Jenny, who's a basketball coach, not a personal life coach like I am.

I loved the card, "I wish you joy, happiness and clearance shoes in your size." Now doesn't that make you smile? ;) And Jenny, Dion liked your message to him too!
She also sent me gorgeous hot pink monogrammed notecards (which are so pretty, I almost don't want to use them. Almost), a lovely leather bookmark (which I'm using in my planner because it makes me happy) and a friends magnet (which I'm staring at right now - it's attached to a photo frame on my desk).
Thanks again, Jenny. I love my stuff!


Tina said...

LOL the card's cute! And I love the monogrammed notecards! Lucky you :)

Anonymous said...

you got some cute stuff!

Marcia said...

I know! I'm blessed, aren't I?

Coach J said...

You are welcome! Enjoy! I'm glad Dion liked that side note {wink}