Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Organising my sideboard

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Take a deep breath.

Can you smell that lovely "new wood" smell of our new sideboard? :)

I was so excited to finally get this that I skipped gym to organise it. Wasn't a hard sell, trust me. But I can't live with a mess and all my stuff was on the dining room table while this beauty got moved into her new home.

We chose a very dark wood to match our dining room table. I like simple, practical furniture - no fuss!

There are four drawers on top with four cupboards underneath each drawer.

Drawer 1 - serviettes, serviette rings and coasters.

Drawer 2 - table runners and spare oven mitts

Drawer 3 - "good" cutlery and serving spoons

Drawer 4 - placemats (these are the ones I use when I set a proper table). The other everyday ones are in the kitchen. (store things where you use them)

Left side of cupboard - more mugs and entertainment stuff at the bottom

Right side of cupboard - two crockery sets and tablecloths


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Looks great! Very well organized and everything looks so easy to get to!

Jenny said...

I have a buffet that I think I'll tackle next week...thanks for the inspiration! You've tackled well! lol!!

Cara said...

Well Tackled! I think next week I'll tackle my dining room hutch!

Tina said...

Great tackle! I love your buffet..I've been looking for one for our dining room but haven't found the one I want yet :)

Lyn said...

Lovely, you are giving me some inspiration too!

Sara said...

it's so pretty and so organized, great tackle!

Barbara H. said...

What fun to organize a new sideboard!

JennaG said...

I love your new sidebar--I really think dark wood is so pretty. I also learned a new word from you. Serviettes are called napkins here in the states--I had no idea they were called otherwise in South Africa. Thanks for sharing--the sideboard looks great, and very organized.

Donetta said...

very pretty contrast with the vibrant colors and the dark wood. It must be lovely set.

Marcia said...

Oooh, I'm tickled pink that you all love my sideboard as much as I do :)

We got it specially stained in that colour to match our dining room table (they were not bought in a set).