Thursday, June 28, 2007

Organising my green bag

Views from the front and side

Corrie asked me how I organise my bag and while I talked about it before, I'm going to tell you about this one specifically.

1. Before I buy any bag, I empty out my current handbag in the shop and repack it in that bag to make sure it all fits. This is because my spatial ability is ...well... non-existent so I might think it will all fit and I'm disappointed when I get home and then I have to return it. All a big waste of time.

2. I like a pocket on the outside for keys and a flat pocket somewhere else - either on the inside or on the other side of the bag. The flat pocket is for pens (I'm not carrying the blue pencil bag anymore), my flash drive, my tiny calculator and my gym card.

3. Of course on the inside I must have a pocket for my cell phone and

4. My planner must fit, together with my makeup bag and gorgeous green wallet. Notice how I have a see-through make-up bag because I don't like to scratch around.

How do I keep it organised?

  1. Everything always goes back in its place.

  2. I clear out my wallet every weekend.

  3. Of course, I update the planner hourly so that is always up to date too and I do a quick review every night.

  4. It is just big enough/ small enough for everything I need so I can't cram it full of junk.


Corrie Haffly said...

Thanks for sharing!

I found a nice, classy-looking handbag at a secondhand shop in great condition -- but it has one small pocket inside and four identical pockets on the outside. I'm afraid I will have to get rid of this soon because I spend a ridiculous amount of time checking all four pockets for my stuff!

Emptying your bag to "test drive" the new handbag is brilliant. I'll have to try that next time!

Marcia said...

Oooh, Corrie - I like that "test-driving" a new bag.

Please post pictures!

annie said...

I love that your purse is my favorite color & birthstone color!!!
Very nice. I'm gonna go organize my purse just as soon as I finish balancing my checkbook & feeding Iz.
Hope you had a great day Marcia!

Coach J said...

Oh, I love that color green!! I just bought a new bag, too, and it's a few shades darker green than yours! We must be kin! :)