Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WFMW - remembering pills

When I’m trying to get into a new habit I link it to something I already do (like eat breakfast), so that’s when I generally take all my vitamins. But it’s such a habit that I’m on auto-pilot so I can’t remember what I’ve taken and what I haven’t.

I measure out enough of my normal vitamins for the week in a special box so I know that if it’s Friday, there should only be 3 of each if I haven’t taken them yet.

I’ve had to start taking some extra tablets recently and had to keep counting “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc” to check whether I’d taken them already.

To help me remember, this is what I did.

I wrote the days of the week in permanent marker on the plastic side of the blister pack.

So far, it’s working for me :-) For more great tips, visit Shannon


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my place!
What great ideas you have. I can't wait to read all your past posts.
Take care!

Annie said...

Great idea Marcia!
matt measure out all his vitamins in a little container each week.