Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Mr Muscle

My best friend in the kitchen - Mr Muscle!

They make it so strong that I throw out half, fill with water, so I get two bottles for the price of one.


tAnYeTTa said...

you throw out half down the sink OR into another bottle?

hey! great blog. i hope to get organized ONE day :)

annie said...

I've never bought mr.muscle.... I see that it is antibacterial which is a plus!
It's stormy here tonight so I'm awake later than usual... just stopped by to say hello. "hello."
Happy Wednesday.

Marcia said...

:) Tanyetta, into another bottle :)

Hello annie - love antibacterial!!!

CoachJ said...

never seen it, so I'll have to google it to see where it's sold over here. I'm always up for a newer, better kitchen cleaner!

Michelle said...

Well, I'll have to see if they have some of that 'round here.

Thanks for the tip!
Have a happy WW!

Crystal said...

Interesting choice....I don't use chemicals in my home anymore.....I love love love my norwex products!
Thanks for stopping by my blog...Happy WW!