Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm a rockin' girl blogger

The very-generous Lorie over at Creating memories for a lifetime nominated ME for a blog award. Ahem, this is my first blog award and I'm very chuffed (SA'n word for happy/ pleased/ etc).
Thanks, Lorie - you inspired me to write a post all about you but I will send you the link once done.

Now, as is the blog tradition, I'm to pass on this award and the gorgeous pink button to some other rockin' girl bloggers.

So, without further ado, my nominations are...

Military Mommy Blog - Michelle has a fantastic sense of humour, writes beautifully but more than that, she is so sweet, prays for me and loves food like I do!

Let's Talk Organizing - if Suzanne had to have an alternate career other than being a professional organiser, she could be a stand-up comic. Honestly. Whenever she emails me, I end up laughing crazily at my computer.

A Coach for Life - I love how Jen is so real. Honesty is a very attractive characteristic for me and Jen is very "this is me - take it or leave it" while still being such a sweet, sweet friend.

Corrie Haffly - new blogger I've just met after discovering her blog last weekend. She writes awesome posts on Getting Things Done, is super-organised and does such cute comic strips. Go have a look :-)

Now, go pass on the lurve...


annie said...

You do rock!
& had I not seen you already got this, I would have given it to you too!!!

Military Mommy said...

Thank you so much Marcia! This was my first bloggy award too! I am so honored and you are so sweet. Your words really meant alot to me. :)

Hope your weekend is going great! Hugs, Michelle

Coach J said...

OOhhh, I love it!! Thank you!! I'll accept this and pass it on! You rock, too, ya know! :)