Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eliminate electronic clutter

You know how it is when the seasons change and the shops start stocking gorgeous, new clothes. I get very excited, don't you?

Dion and I have been buying some extra warm clothes but we have a house rule - we have to get rid of some things BEFORE we bring new stuff into the house. Or if we really couldn't resist, then as we pack the new clothes away, we have to unpack some other items to give away.

That is my number ONE decluttering tip - one in, one out.

Have you had a look at the pile of clothes we decluttered recently? I do the happy dance when I can give things away – seriously!

I use the exact same principles to keep my inbox, digital photos, PDF and other documents under control.

Here are some other tips to eliminate electronic clutter:

1. Make time daily to delete emails.
I've told you before that my goal is to delete 100 emails daily so I go through my inbox, sent items, folders, etc. every couple of days.

2. When you download photos from your digital camera, choose the best ones there and then and delete the rest.
I don't know about you but I usually take about 3 or 4 pictures if I can (if the subject is not moving) so that I can choose the absolute best pictures.

**Bloggers, once you've published your post, delete the photos from your hard drive.

3. If you download checklists, forms, recipes and e-books regularly (like from my site), set aside some time to regularly go through your folders (!) to delete the ones you no longer find useful.
When I read e-books, I make a note of the ideas to implement and then delete the PDF file unless its really something WOW or I've paid for it. This tip applies to PDF files, Word and Excel documents.

The only things I don't delete with such ruthless abandon are the tools, checklists and e-books that I've created ;)

4.Make a date with yourself for 15 minutes every week (starting this week) to eliminate your electronic clutter.
By the way, have you noticed I've made a new section on the sidebar to help you get control of your inbox.

What other ideas do you have to keep electronic clutter at bay?

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