Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday - web stuff & e-clutter

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week I tackled some web stuff and e-clutter that I needed to do:

  1. I did some website changes – added the client testimonial and the booking sheet for my next workshop.

  2. I deleted lots of documents and photos that I no longer needed (that I’d already blogged or read) from my hard drive and flash drive.

  3. And this is a biggie. I wrote my weekly mailing already. This usually goes out on a Wednesday. I write weekly tips that help busy people have more time, less stress and a more organised and fulfilled life.

Every week, I think that it will just take me 30 – 45 minutes to send out and I end up spending hours sending it out. So this week I had to do something different.

It’s not the writing that’s the issue. It’s all the HTML detail – making sure that all the correct words are bold and that all the links are in the right places.

I’m a bit perfectionistic with this so I check everything obsessively before I send out. Sometimes simply because I left it too late, I don’t pick up everything I should. Now something like the hyperlink underlining a space after the word might not really matter, but if I have the time, then I’d like it to be correct.

This is a bit of perfectionism I’m working hard to overcome because I mean really! If my subscribers are looking that hard, then they're probably missing my message, right?

Anyway, this feels really good because now I can relax and do easier business work the rest of the week. I suppose it's a matter of eating my frog but on a weekly basis.

If you want to sign up for my weekly tips, there is a box in the top right corner ----> where you can enter your details. You also get a free Organise your Home e-book as a thank-you when you join.


MorningSong said...

Great tackle!!

Laura said...

Thanks for swinging by earlier, Marcia! Well done wading through the e-waters in your tackle!

Cherie said...

Those are some great tackles and reminded me that I need to put a couple of my websites on my "To Tackle" list!

jennyr said...

great tackles you have, although i really don't have that much idea about it...

jennyr said...

in fact i do earn some money online. about a total of $1,000 in about a month. Will be getting paid each day, just enjoying blogging while making money at the same time *wink*

palmtreefanatic said...

great tackle! Thank you for stopping by my blog! have a grt night!