Sunday, June 10, 2007

Menu plan Monday - 11 June 2007

Last week went very well from Mon - Wed. We had Wednesday's leftovers on Thursday and the pizza as planned on Friday.

I've been cooking up a storm today - muffins and some other food for the week.

So since it's been two weeks that I've planned and not made the spicy lentil tomato sauce , I'm going to pretend I'm one of my time management clients, prioritise it this week and cook it on Monday ;)

Baked potatoes with spicy lentil tomato sauce

Stirfried beef in a satay sauce, veggies and rice

Healthy Cottage Pie

Peri-peri chicken, rice and pumpkin

Boerewors rolls (We had a braai (barbecue) and still have some meat to finish in the freezer)

If you're looking for low-fat, healthy recipes, visit my other blog. The main dishes are all low-fat but the desserts are not! However, you can make anything better by using fat-free or low-fat milk, less sugar than the recipe calls for, etc.

For more wonderful menu ideas, visit the participants over at Laura's blog.

Have a great week everybody!


Anne said...

LOL about the tomato soup thing! Those muffins look good- I may have to try them out! Have a great week! :)

Marcia said...


Anne, it is definitely going to work tonight and we measure by results, don't we?

tegdirb92 said... you been cooking up a storm, eh? Well, I think that's an invitation for me to join you in eating :) Great week ahead.

Marcia said...

You are very welcome, Bridget :)

I think it's because I was very lazy last week - I just got a bee in my bonnet and cooked everything in sight!

Christi said...

Yum - your menu sounds great!

Have a great week!

annie said...

Your menu looks delicious.
Happy Monday!
My Life as Annie!

Sandra said...

OMG boerewors, I MISS boerewors, it's one of those braai foods that you always count on LOL

You just made my mouth water :)

Great menu, thank you for sharing!


Menu Plan Monday

Sharon said...

Great menu. Tonight's meal sounds especially good to me. I'll have to save that recipe. Thanks!

I'll be checking out your other blog, too. I'm always looking for low-fat meals!

Have a nice week.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Yep - I was wondering what a Carriage Pie is too until I clicked on the recipe and realized it's just a good old Shepherd's Pie. I haven't made one of those in ages, hmmm . . .

Melissa R. Garrett

Renee's Ramblings said...

Your menu sounds delicious! I'll have to try those muffins. What is a boerewors? (TIA)

Lorie said...

Your menu looks so great! I tagged you for a meme on my blog. I am dying to read your answers to this one! Have a great week.

Military Mommy said...

I love seeing your menu. Such a nice variety. :)