Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Now THIS is what organising's all about

I received a WONDERFUL testimonial from Victoria Roberts, a Fund Manager in Johannesburg.

"I enjoy getting my weekly e-mail tips because becoming better organised is not
just a once-off affair. I need constant reminders to declutter my life and
manage my time better. I especially liked your simple definition of clutter: "Anything I don't use/ don't love/ doesn't make me feel at peace" . A while back you also asked an extremely valuable question "What's not serving you?" which gave me a much-needed push to make some life changes.

In essence I think the reason why your tips are so helpful, is that you also address the psychological and emotional side of disorganisation - you understand that it affects our feelings of peace and sense of achievement. Something as
seemingly unimportant as disorganisation ultimately results in our unhappiness
because it makes one feel out of control, tired and depressed."

You can see that Victoria TOTALLY gets it; it's not just about getting organised; it's about the effect of organisation in your life.

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