Monday, August 25, 2008

August declutter challenge - day 25

We're in the home stretch now, everybody - don't feel despondent - keep going :)

This is from my baking section. That white thing is an ice bucket but we really don't need it - I actually don't think I've ever used it.

And I definitely don't use the biscuit cutters (cookie cutters) since I discovered my oatmeal drop cookies. Less mess and oh so yummy!

The blue mats are silicone - I bought a big one and cut it into smaller pieces to fit my baking pans. I don't need them anymore since I discovered baking paper. Oh my - my life really has changed since Glad's baking paper. No greasing baking sheets any more - it saves so much time!

Here's how I organise my baking pans. I love it and am pleased to say since I posted that picture in October last year, it still looks exactly the same, so it's working for me.

So that's today's contribution. What are YOU decluttering today?


HDMac said...

I cut my cookie cutter clutter also. I never use them either! I have a sugar cookie that doesn't need to be rolled and that is all I use anymore. I did keep the large shaped ones, though as when the grandkids are over, I use them to shape their sandwiches!

I loved seeing how you store your baking pans! I am going to try that with a big bucket/container. :)

You know I am feeling the peacefulness of a the house decluttering. It is so nice to go into the kitchen and KNOW where to find something for sure and not hunt. It is a good feeling to know that everything has a place or will very soon! :)

Again, Marcia, I just really thank you and Beth for this challenge. It has been such a freeing journey and really helped with that overwhelming feeling!

HDMac said...

PS. Will be trying those oatmeal cookies! Sound delish!

Anonymous said...

My roomie organized the pot lids that way (in a bread pan) and they are always organized. I never thought about using a container for the baking items. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

bummer! I just found your blog this weekend. I hope you do another declutter challenge! I love to declutter things!

Marcia said...

That is a GREAT idea to shape the sandwiches!

I got the baking pans idea from a client actually. It was the ONE thing in her kitchen that was organised, probably because she loved baking LOL

I LOVE that your kitchen is working for you, Marcia – it’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

MyJourneyBack said...

Hi. I won! Yea. Here's my
I haven't posted my de-clutter project yet today.
I am having such fun.
Thanks for the inspiration and the neat prize.

HDMac said...

Ok.... I have something I am REALLY struggling with!!!!!!! I have sitting on my breakfast nook table right now a Juicer. A really nice one... Jack LaLane.... My hubby has diabetes and I purchased this a few years ago thinking I would juice things up for him and be a bit more healthy for each of us... Marcia, I have never used it!!!! ( I am so sick!) I am debating over it.

One shoulder with pitchfork: Put it in the laundry closet with the other appliances. You might decide to finally use it one day.

Other shoulder with the halo: Get rid of it. It takes up room. It makes you feel guilty.

Pitchfork shoulder: Baloney, you paid good money for this thing. At least keep it!!!

Haloed shoulder: yes, you did pay money but that is already wasted. You can't bring it back. Even if you do ever decide to use it, how often do you think you are going to put all the veggies and fruits in there and then the clean up?

And so on and so on.......

Sigh.... I think the Goodwill is going to get a very nice appliance and I hope someone very special gets it........