Sunday, August 03, 2008

August declutter challenge - day 3

I bought this bag in Sydney, Australia :)

If memory serves me correctly, it was on Pitt Street. It's in the financial district, right opposite a Gloria Jean's coffee shop and near a Burger King. Trust me to remember all the food places :)

(I've just checked Google and I got the name correct - yay)

This is the hotel we stayed at.

While I'm strolling down memory lane, that was also the same street where I first saw a gay couple kiss. Oh, I do live a sheltered life!

I think I paid Aus $10 (R50) at the time, which was in April 2004.

So tell me, what did you declutter today?

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Ria's Collectables said...

We just got back from the end of summer vacation for the kids. At the top of the list is finishing the boys room so that I can show you just how things get UNORGANIZED while remodeling.

Happy Organizing!