Sunday, August 17, 2008

August declutter challenge - day 17

This is a bag I used for gym for a while. It is very small so can literally take a towel, small can of deodorant and hair elastics.
These days I'm so lazy so I just shove my stuff into my normal handbag since I get dressed at home.
Out, out you go!
How are you doing? We're just past the half way mark and it's getting harder, isn't it? I want you to create a lifestyle of decluttering and if you persevere, you'll get addicted to the space - trust me!
What are you decluttering today?

1 comment:

HDMac said...

It is addicting, Marcia! You WANT that space to stay nice and neat!!! :)

WAHOO, half way thru! Wonder what more adventures are in store?