Monday, August 04, 2008

August declutter challenge - day 4

I've been known to go up to complete strangers and ask them, "WHERE did you get that GORGEOUS bag?"

Some people will look at me like I'm weird but the true handbag lover will smile because they know what it's like

That's what I did to a girl at work and she told me, so I went out and got one.

I loved it for a while until my cell phone kept falling out of the little pockets because they were too wide.

When things don't function properly, I go off them quite quickly. And that's what happened to this brown bag.

I still love the look of this one...but after you have to scratch around in it for your cell phone for the THIRD time in the day and it's only 10:00 in the morning... you get SO ready to switch to a more functional bag.

And that's why this one is going.

Originally bought at Edgars for R129 about a year ago.

What are you decluttering today?


HDMac said...

LOL. Marcia, you must be a handbag hound. I can tell you that I love them too. I am going to get rid of some too, but saving that for this upcoming weekend as I will have 3 of my grandkids for the weekend so will do the "easier' projects for then! HA!

Ok, Ms Guru of organization. I am REALLY struggling here.... I really and I mean REALLY struggle throwing out magazines... I have Taste of Home, almost all of them from the beginning! It is a strugtgle for me to throw these.. but you know.. it would make more room is I did! And I am talking a LOT of room... I have the annuals for several of the years... so why am I hanging on to the magazines??????????? Because they are organized differently? I am at work but I am going to make that my project for tonight. I am going to (deep breath) weed out all the issues that are associated with an annual that I have in my possession.... I still won't be able to throw them... I think I will give them away to friends that might use them.... DEEP breath... but you know it is going to give me more room on my bookshelf... And then I am going to have to work my way thru the annuals marking recipes to try, etc.... This is honestly NOT going to be easy..... but it is the sensible thing and the disciplined thing... I will probably post a pic tonight or tomorrow of what I weed out!!!!! Then I am going to have to start sorting thru the others and CUT (YIKES< yes, I said CUT) out the recipes that I want to keep and ORGANIZE them. (See somehow I think that cutting my magazines is defacing them! lol) Well, thanks for listening and helping me sort thru this decluttering dilemma!!

Marcia said...

Marcia, you are funny!!!

Here are two posts I did on magazines – I don’t know if it will help you but have a read anyway

I was also thinking maybe donating them to old aged homes would help you to know they’re going to a good cause?

Your idea is also very good and just set a goal (30 minutes or 10 magazines, whatever) and do just that if you’re getting traumatized 