Saturday, August 23, 2008

August declutter challenge - day 23

Okay, so I finally made it in here. I go through the kitchen regularly but I decided to look through the cupboards as if I was with a client.

So this stuff came from my corner cupboard - I bought a whole set of microwaveable "goodies" YEARS ago. I used to use these regularly but somehow, I don't think I've used these things in the last year or so, so out they go.

What will you declutter today?
Have you been to your kitchen yet?


HDMac said...

Good rule of thumb if they haven't been used in a year... sigh... tackling my kitchen again today and I really NEED to be ruthless there. I am a gadget person!

MyJourneyBack said...

I got some of those things when my mum de-cluttered. I just used the roast rack over the weekend for bacon and it my Cowboy said it was the best bacon.
Do you have one? You might try bacon on it before you toss.
I know what you mean about gadgets!