Friday, August 08, 2008

August declutter challenge - day 8 & weekly giveaway

The giveaway for week 1 is now closed.
Why don't you start the challenge now and enter next week's contest?

I'm decluttering handbags again!

I love this little one, especially the shade of green - only thing is it just is a tiny bit too small.

When I use it, I can only fit my wallet (yes, that gorgeous one), make-up case, cell phone, tissues and car keys. I have to leave my notebook and planner at home :(

So that's why I'm letting it go.

I got it at Jet Stores for about R50 a year or two ago.

What are you decluttering today?


Remember if you've decluttered at least 7 items you get to enter the giveaway.

This is what you do:

  1. Write ONE post on your own blog with pictures of the 7 items, or one picture of the 7 items.
  2. Link back here.
  3. Put the permanent link URL in the Mr Linky below so everyone can come see what you've decluttered.
  4. Beth and I will draw 3 names over the weekend and announce the winners on Monday.

Good - let the games begin :)

Here you go - sign up...


jannie_b said...

Thanks for the contest! I've come to you via Stacks and Stacks and am looking forward to a month of decluttering!

HDMac said...

Hello, my name is the other Marcia and I am a clutteraholic! lol. Thank you, Marcia for this challenge. Week one down and many more to go in the journey. Looking forward to every dust bunny filled step of the way!!!!


Michelle said...

I'm enjoying the challenge so far but I'm not in danger of running out of things to declutter anytime soon. See you next Friday!

ClutterControlFreak said...

Week one down, three more to go! This is kinda exciting - they say it only takes 28 days to create a habit - what a great habit to have!

Thanks for doing this, Marcia!

Ria's Collectables said...

I so glad that you did this. Many things have been gone through just because they needed to be done.

Pictures in a couple of hours! I hope I correctly filled in the link this time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having this challenge. Even after one week I am benefitting greatly.

I have no photos and realize that I didn't fulfill the contest rules, but I went ahead and linked. I want you (and others) to know that I participated. :-)

Joan said...

I've been a decluttering fool, but apparently need to declutter my brain as well! I didn't realize I had to post on Friday! Ah well, the prize for me is how well the decluttering is going. Hopefully I'll remember next Friday!

Marcia said...

Joan, you’re right. That really is the TRUE prize.

Don’t worry – link up your post anyway, even if just for accountability.

And then jump in with BOTH feet this week.