Sunday, August 17, 2008

And this week's winners are...

This week has been so awesome. I am TOTALLY inspired by you ladies who are decluttering along with Beth and me.

Tip - I made a folder in my Google Reader called declutter challenge and added all the participants from last week's Mr Linky. This week I'll add the new people so that it's quick to follow along every day and see what you're up to :)

Okay, without further ado...

The winners are

6 - Diane wins a Simplicity ecourse from Beth
2 - Joan J who wins a Household Organising File
3 - Forgetfulone who wins a Christmas Planner (it's never too early to start)

Will the winners please send me an email so I can get your prizes to you? Thanks

Go tell all the winners congratulations and really, EVERYONE is a winner because we've all got more streamlined homes, closets, desks, hair (!), etc.

I also want to mention Susan's challenge. Susan is challenging all of her friends to join her for the rest of this challenge. Why don't you do the same?

This coming week...

Within your posts, start writing about what you're learning, whether it's still hard or getting easier, what your self-talk is, etc. I love reading it but not only that, if you let me know what's going on (within your post), I can give you some tips and free coaching!!!

For example, in week 1 (and Marcia, I hope you don't mind me mentioning this but you're such a great example), Marcia was almost tortured at the idea of decluttering some magazines. This week, it was so matter-of-fact because she's getting used to the process of decluttering. That really makes it worth it for me to see this kind of thing happening!

Goal for week 3
Our goal for next week is 50 declutterers - can we do it? Only with your help!


HDMac said...

Congratulations winners!!!! You are going to enjoy your gifts!!!! :) :)

Down to the second half of the challenge! :)

forgetfulone said...

Thank you! I can really use a Christmas planner! How awesome is that? My email address is armitage923(at)yahoo(dot)com, and I will see if I can find yours on your profile page. Yippee!