Monday, June 01, 2009

Favourite organising tools #15 - tote bags

My love for bags are well, well documented all over this blog.

But tote bags are also one of my favourite organising tools.

Here's the bag I take into the gym with my towel and water. I use the mesh bag to hold money for the parking meter, the parking stub and my car keys, because I hate scrambling around in the dark for things.

Sometimes if I'm really hungry I'll throw an apple in here too to eat the minute I finish the class. Remember I'm pregnant and the babies don't like to wait for food.

Then I have another tote bag for my gym clothes. I usually go straight after work so I get dressed at work and then drive to the gym.

I also have other tote bags dotted around the house for:

  • to go to work (usually full of food (!) and healthy snacks)
  • library books
  • things to be returned to people (nice and vague)
  • books to go to the second hand bookstore
  • etc.

Do you use a lot of tote bags? What do you use them for?

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ChloƩ said...

I don't use them... yet! But you gave me good ideas to use the bags I can't declutter (I try, though, but I'm a hoarder at heart). Since I'm not ready yet to part with them, I could at least make a good use of some of them (and hence get motivated to get rid of the ones I don't use!) Thanks for the inspiration!!

jemilyea said...

Yes, I like tote bags! From where I'm sitting now, I can see five bags: work bag, class bag, church bag, and two empty bags. I also have a library bag, three other bags with individual work projects in them, and reusable grocery bags. Oh, I have a cross-stitch project bag, too. My church bag works out especially well. It's a dressy black tote bag with compartments. I always keep a Bible, notebook, Kleenex, cough drops, and lotion in it. Before church, all I have to do is drop in a small purse and anything else I need to take to church with me that day.

Marcia Francois said...

Chloe, glad you got some ideas. And that's exactly what I do because I LOVE BAGS!

One of my bags stores the opposite season's stuff like gloves or caps :)

Jemilyea, you're my kind of gal. love the sound of your church bag.

Laura said...

Tote bags are a wonderful tool. I also like these collapsible, handles canvas baskets I put in the back of my car.

Great ideas here!


zzipper said...

My favorite are Envirosax available at and local retailers. I use them for grocery shopping, gym clothes, sewing project storage, library books and my favorite use is for wrapping gifts.

Rachel said...

I like bags - and try to have bags for all sorts of needs. Joel has several - one - a gone from home all day bag - big enough for a change of clothes, snacks, extra shoes or a light jacket, a blanket or toy, and maybe a book. Bag 2 is for quick trips, not used so much - contained an emergency change of bottoms (in case of an accident) and a snack and maybe a few coins to buy a treat. The third bag is for church and has a handkerchief for his perpetually runny nose, pencils, a coloring book, and handouts from sunday school. Another bag is for AWANA and holds uniform, books, and crafts going to or from AWANA. He has a library bag for taking books too and from the library. A big back pack for all of his Leapfrog sets. Another backpack for school supplies. Still another gets packed for overnight trips to grandma's house. ... All of my kids have bags set up like this, and so do I. It makes life so much simpler. I have a dream of having wall space enough to just hang the ones that travel here and there all in the same place. Not in this house though. Now I just need to find some pretty bags for the new baby. :)