Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ask the organiser - what are the best storage boxes for paper?

This question came in from someone who is also pregnant with twins.

Seeing as you are the queen of de-clutter, I thought I would ask you where the best place to buy storage boxes is?

I need to start on my spare room cupboard (babies room) this weekend and have lots of files and papers that need to be sorted out.

My advice is actually contrary to what you’d expect – don’t buy a thing until AFTER the declutter is done. Just look at all the stuff I threw out here and what Anne, our makeover blogger, threw out here

I’d use the tops of photocopy paper boxes (or similar, like large shoeboxes) to sort the paper and once you decide how you want to store the paper, whether in files, plastic display folders, etc, then go out and buy just what you need.

When I’m organising people’s offices, all I take with me is a permanent marker and post-it notes and then only when it’s all done, we get the stuff if they don’t have it.

This post is about business filing but look at the pictures and apply the principles to your household stuff.

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Hope this helps!

Any other tips for this pregnant mom?

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se7en said...

This is so true, I used to think that I couldn't organize because I hadn't gone and bought a whole lot containers... Until I figured that was just "serious work avoidance." Once you start organizing you tend to turf out so much stuff and now I always manage to make do with what I already have. After all if you are trying to declutter and get rid of stuff then surely you shouldn't be buying anything to fill the empty spaces!!!

Marcia Francois said...

Exactly! There is so much we can repurpose in the house that you really may only need a speciality container if you REALLY can’t find anything!