Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick organising project - your bedside table

If I don't watch this area very carefully, it gets like this quickly. Probably because it's just inside my bedroom door and is right there, so I can dump things without much thought.

Fortunately for me, this drives me nuts so I don't leave it like this for very long - a day or two max.



What's on there now?
  • Still a gazillion books
  • Post-it notes - when I remember to do things, and I'm already in bed, I just grab a post-it note and jot it down. The next morning I can simply stick it in my diary (planner).
  • Basket with hand cream, foot cream, tissue oil (for The Belly), bookmarks and pens

How often do you tidy your bedside table?

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Kirby3131 said...

The bedroom is one place that I keep nearly spotless. I don't allow anything in there that isn't for sleeping. (Ok, I allow a few extras in the room)

My sidetable is a lamp, chapstick, a post it pad, pen and a box of kleenexes. If I want to read I bring the book in the room. When I'm finished I take it out.

Jessica said...

I have a nightstand with a (book)shelf underneath and a pencil drawer. I think that one piece of intentional furniture really helps with the clutter just by actually giving somewhere for those big stacks of books to go while still looking put away (but within easy reach of bed), even if you're reading 10 books "at once" like I tend to. And the drawer gets all the pencils and bookmarks and post-its and flashlights and lotions out of sight and keeps them neat (I use plastic organizer baskets in the drawer too). On top only needs to be the lamp, clock, and a coaster (for the late night glass of water of course). It hardly takes any time at all to straighten up when most of the stuff looks put away to start with, tidying it up is probably right there with making the bed as a brief but daily activity.

Tonya said...

My nightstand happens to be the most cluttered place in my house. It's such a small surface that seems to collect everything (books, water bottles, hair accessories, jewelry, pens/pencils sticky notes, etc.) I clean it about once a week - by the time the piles are threatening to fall onto the floor!

Marcia Francois said...

Tonya, I think that’s my problem too – the surface is too small!

Kirsten, good for you! I believe we all need at least one place that is always tidy so you can escape there!

Jessica, I’d LOVE to see a picture of your pencil drawer – have never heard of a pencil drawer before!

Jessica said...

Finally uploaded nightstand pictures:
the shelves

inside the drawer