Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Quick time-saving tip - prepare in advance

So many tasks we do as a matter of routine can be seriously streamlined to save us loads of time.

But only if you prepare in advance.

My gym bag looks like this most of the time.

What's in there?

  • takkies (sneakers)
  • socks and sports bra
  • long and short pants
  • t-shirt

When I get back home from the gym, I immediately re-stock it so that it's ready to go again.

It takes me literally two minutes to do but saves me time on gym days because I don't have to think, "oh, what do I need to put in there again?"

Do you prepare in advance like this for gym or other activities?

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Kin said...

I do that too actually. Not for gym but I have bags for various kids activities.

1. Ballet. Has all the leotards, tights, shoes, skirts that are required. A hairbrush and spare hairties, water bottle and snacks.

2. Swimming. Swimmers, towels, goggles, hairbrush, hair ties, hair cream to go in after swimming, spare undies.

3. Soccer. Soccer balls, boots, socks, shin guards (and spares), training cones.

4. Activity bag. This one is great because it can go ANYWHERE, though on an average week it goes to all of the above activities. It contains poppers, snacks, toys, games and craft activities for the others to do while waiting for whoever's doing an activity. Generally I restock it each night and leave it in the car so in the event of an emergency or we get held up unexpectedly it's all there.

All the other bags are packed on Sunday and stay that way for the week.

I used to do it with gym and university bags as well.

Marcia Francois said...

Wow, Kin, you REALLY have your bags sorted - it really does save TONS of time doesn't it?

What's poppers? I suspect it's an Australian thing... :)