Saturday, June 27, 2009

Contest time - I'm looking for a disorganised home

This contest is now closed
I'll be posting the winner in about 24 hours' time. It's so difficult because everybody wrote such compelling entries *sigh*

It's been 6 months since I held this type of contest and I think it's about time we did one again. Don't you agree?

So who has a disorganised home?

I'm looking for someone who would like and could use my Organise your Home e-course.

If you're chosen, I'll give you one for free and in turn, I'll need you to be my guest blogger and do at least 6 posts - one post before, at least 4 room posts, and 1 post after to say how you've changed, etc... - which I will use for the 4 weeks in August and 2 in September when the babies are born.

See? Win-win :)

I did the same thing at the beginnning of the year and chose Anne as my guest blogger for the Office Organising Makeover which worked out really well because then I was in the throes of extreme pregnancy fatigue!

Let me tell you a little bit about the e-course... in case you don't feel like clicking the picture to go read about the great results others have and are getting.

  • It's set out in 12 parts with a 13th bonus one thrown in for free
  • covers every section of your home. You work through it section by section in manageable bits so you don't get overwhelmed.
  • you also get the Household Organising File and instructions on how to set yours up
  • free email support for the 12 weeks
  • and much more
An organised home for just 44c a day

This is how you enter

Send an email to marcia AT or leave a comment telling me

  • a little bit about yourself - married/not, children, what you do (SAHM/ WAHM/ works full-time), etc. (just because I'm nosy :))
  • which areas of your house need the most help
  • if you have your own blog (this is not a requirement)
  • why you want to do this

Entries close at midnight EST on Saturday 4th July.

Let the games begin!

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KimmieKrafts said...

me me me! I'm married with an almost 11 yr old DD, and have 3 dogs. Both of us work fulltime and DD & hubby place soccer. Areas of the house that need the most help are DD's room, garage, guest room, and dining room - aka craft room and storage. Okay, the kitchen needs a little help too. And really the mail coming into the house needs a clear place as there's pile's all over. Why do I want/need to do this? As I've said, we have 3 dogs - 1 is a pup (1 next month) and she still gets into stuff). And we're discussing possibly trying to have another baby next year. So, we need to be organized before that happens!

Elise said...

I would absolutely love to try, but I'm so afraid of letting you down. My husband and I are both ADD and highly distracted when it comes to housekeeping. I've gotten wonderful ideas and tips from your blog since I started reading it, but our apartment just feels like it will never be "company-ready".

We both have full-time jobs, no kids or pets, and our clutter has reached critical mass in two rooms (bedroom and computer room). The mess really gets me down, and I hope that if I can ever get it clean and KEEP it clean, I would feel better about myself.

Diane said...

Hello I will try I am happily married with an eleven year old child and a pet bunny. My hubbie works a lot of overtime so I do it all really!!!
I learned so much last year with the de-clutter challenge from you this would be a win win to help you out and get my place all organized. You know I am not afraid of blogging or taking pictures to show others.
I work full time during the school year but have the summers off which is mostly when I do the deep cleaning and organizing.
The rooms I need help with are the master bedroom, my daughter's bedroom and our spare bedroom or dumping ground.
I know with your help that my whole house could as good as my kitchen and livingroom.(that you helped me with last summer)

The MeFest Team said...
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Caitlin said...

I'm a 28 year old molecular biologist with a penchant for keeping too many things around "just in case". I've been married almost 3 years now; we have a cranky tabby cat and we moved into our very first house almost a year ago.

I have a terrible clutter problem, so when we moved some things just got left where they were set. Major problem areas for me include the master bedroom, the basement (aka the entertainment/office/storage area) and our front entryway. I also run my own small business, and my filing and organization system is sadly lacking, making paperwork more difficult and time consuming than it needs to be.

I have my own blog, where I chronicle my (mis)adventures in decluttering. I want to do this because, to be honest, I work best under pressure. Needing to finish a program and produce a series of blog posts on it, because someone else is expecting it, is way more motivating than sitting around thinking to myself that I should clean up my stuff.

Gigi said...

I am a married SAHM -- soon to be WAHM. I am just starting my own business. I have a husband who was recently laid off and two children (2 1/2 and 5), so have a hard time getting things done and keeping things organized.

I work out of my craft/sewing/storage room and would love to learn how to make it the best it can be. I would like things to be efficient! I also trip over toys in my living room (no family room in our house), hallway, and kids room daily!

I do have a blog, but don't necessarily post about organization. It's more of a journal for my family. I will, however, blog about this!

And finally, I would like to do this because I read your emails as soon as I receive them and think it would be wonderful to have some extra help in this area!


Jamie said...

Oh, wow. This seems like the perfect contest for me.

I'm married and have a 4.5 year old daughter. I'm a WAHM who runs three businesses.

I think I could be certified as the world's most disorganized person. I have good intentions and WANT my home to be clean and presentable, but I've yet to find a method that helps me to keep it that way. I can't pick just one area of my home that needs help... the whole darn thing needs help! If I had to chose, I would say the kitchen (aka the drop off zone) and the living room (aka command central).

I want to do this because I don't want to be embarrassed of my house anymore. Hopefully having someone not only help me to get where I want to be, but also hold me accountable will give me the extra push I need.

dragondreams said...

Just saw this-what a creative idea for your blog, I wondered how that would work.

I am a working mother of two, I am ultra organized at work but at home, there are piles upon piles. My grandmother died this past spring and now loads of her things are arriving here. I confess to having "lost" the box with the most sentimental and important stuff in it. Stresses me out.

I enjoy writing and would love to combine that with this need I have for things to become orderly again...they've possibly never been completely orderly. Why blame the kids?